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Innovative Copper-Based Spun Bond

MedCu CuFab© Spun Bond effectively neutralizes viruses and bacteria

Why CuFab© Spun Bond Fabric

  • Scientifically proven to effectively neutralize viruses and bacteria
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  • Scientifically proven to effectively reduce fungus Read article
  • Plug & Play – does not require any changes in the current standard masks manufacturing process
  • Full bio compatibility and safety profile Read article
  • CuFab© is a key component in FDA cleared and CE marked medical devices
  • Worldwide patents and medical publications

How It Works

  • Copper is a natural mineral used for medical purposes for years with proven antiviral and antibacterial activity
  • By using MedCu Technology, copper micro particles are embedded into the non-woven fabric
  • When copper comes in contact with viruses or bacteria, the copper ions weaken the cell wall and eventually destroy the

Why CuFab© Products

  • Produce safe face masks with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Turn a commodity product into a premium face mask
  • Produce long shelf-life face masks, ideal for government tenders
  • Wide range of fabric’s specifications

Tested and proven by independent leading labs, MedCu CuFab© neutralizes Covid-19 causing virus (Sars-Cov-2), with over 99.9% efficacy within minutes

Who We Are

  • MedCu Technologies is an innovative technology company which focuses on leveraging the power of copper
  • With 15 years of research and worldwide patents coverage, MedCu challenges conventional medical products and turn them into high performance tools by using the mineral copper
  • MedCu is ISO 13485 certified and complies with high QA standards

Technical Information

CuFab© vs. Regular Spun Bond


  • CuFab© effectively neutralizes virus, bacteria and fungus, including Sars-Cov-2 (Covid-19)
  • Plug & Play – Does not require any changes in current standard manufacturing process
  • Turns a commodity product into a premium face mask

Millions of CuFab© made face masks sold worldwide

Differentiate your business with CuFab© made products
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